Support 24x7

The Support 24x7 Team is dedicated to thorough continuous monitoring of the whole Cloud infrastructure and performing initial support if any issues are detected.

In case your project requires initial support and monitoring, this is just the place to go.


We are doing our best to provide you with quick and efficient support that makes your work in Cloud easy and productive. Still, EPAM Cloud is a self-service, and there are tools that allow you to find the solutions for your issues and answers for your questions yourself, without having to wait for your request to be delivered, processed and replied.

The scheme below illustrates a generalized troubleshooting algorithm. Keeping to this algorithm will lead you to the most efficient solution of your issues.

Most of the frequent issues are described in the FAQ section.

The details on the recommended troubleshooting actions are given in the document which you can find at the bottom of this page or in the'Documentation' section.

If none of the suggested solutions helped, please, do not hesitate to contact and we will do our best to help you within the shortest possible time.

Requesting Support

In case you need to request for assistance with EPAM Cloud, you can use the 'Request for Support' button at the main page of Orchestration UI. The button will lead you to the ESP section related to Cloud where you can find your issue category in the Catalogue and then submit a corresponding request.

This is the advised way to submit support requests for EPAM Cloud, as it ensures that the request will go to Cloud Support experts directly, and no extra time will be spent for sorting it at Help Desk.

Services we provide

EPAM Cloud Support team is ready to help you with the following points:

  • Basic web checking (by response code or by page content matching).
  • Basic host checking (ping response, port state).
  • VM performance checking (by CPU/Memory/HDD usage).
  • Internal VM service checking (by service state or by log content matching).
  • External VM service checking (by response from, for example, DB server).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate writing us at

Support 24x7 Process

EPAM Cloud Support service is organized as a shared scalable team, providing assistance to multiple clients on the 24x7x365 basis. Its structure comprises several layers, engaging depending on the severity of the issue.

The 'EPAM Cloud Support' process guide is designed to help our customers form a better understanding of the workflows within EPAM Support Service as well as learn about each layer's tool, work schedules and responsibilities.

AWS Enterprise Support

Within the scope of AWS Enterprise Support package, EPAM users are entitled to AWS support services. In the event of an AWS-related issue, open the Cloud Management Console, navigate to Requests for Support and select AWS Enterprise Support. Follow the wizard steps to submit the request directly to AWS. You will be notified of the issue resolution by email.

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EPAM Cloud Support - Process Guide

The document explaining the processes within EPAM Support Service.