Personal Project

EPAM users are able to use their personal projects (corporate email address) to launch and manage instances (several functionality limitations apply, see limitations). These services are provided free of charge, within applicable quotas.

Personal Project Activation

To activate your personal project, click the Activate Personal Project button on Cloud Dashboard.

Once you project is activated, you receive an e-mail notification, and the project Personal appears in the Projects tree on Cloud Dashboard and in or2-describe-projects (or2dpro) command output.

Personal projects are run in EPAM-MSQ3 (Minsk) region only. Due to legislation specifics, personal projects are not available for the users who are assigned to at least one project registered in Canada.

Personal Quota Values

Personal resources utilization quotas differ depending on job function level. There are 4 quota levels. Typically, Level 1 employees get the lowest quota and Level 4+ staff - the highest one. The exceptions of this general rule are managers of all levels, project managers and solution engineers who have the highest levels. There is also a list of employees not related to development who have the lowest quotas (e.g., Accountants, Technical Writers, Sales/Marketing staff, etc.).

The table below provides the information on monthly quotas for different levels:

L1 Montly Quota L2 Montly Quota L3 Montly Quota L4 Montly Quota
$20.20 $40.40 $60.60 $80.80

The full list of Job Functions and related Personal Quota Levels is given in Quick Start Guide, Section 7, Personal Quotas and Projects.

Personal Project Limitations

Infrastructure management within personal projects has some utilization limitations, namely:

  • Personal projects allow running resources in EPAM-MSQ3 region only
  • Personal allowance cannot be increased
  • Users are not allowed to create custom machine images
  • Creating instance checkpoints is not supported
  • There is no possibility to detach/reattach storage volumes.
  • It is impossible to create personal resources with the Run wizard on Orchestration Management console
  • EPAM Cloud services are not available for personal projects
  • Change shape operation is not available for personal projects
  • Personal VMs cannot be exposed to Internet
  • Personal VMs cannot be moved to a custom VLAN

There is also a number of shapes and daily limitations for personal projects. Please, see the Quick Start Guide for details.

Personal Project Deactivation

To deactivate a personal project, click the Deactivate Personal Project button on the dashboard. A personal project also gets deactivated automatically when its owner's status changes from active to inactive, maternity leave or extended leave.

Before you can deactivate a personal project, you will have to manually terminate all the related resources.