Financial KPI

  • Total Chargeback

Total Chargeback

The Total Chargeback KPI gives the overall cost of the infrastructure created within the selected region.

According to the pay-as-you-go billing model, the VM resources are billed on the per-second basis in OpenStack regions, and on an hourly basis in the ESX ones. The prices for a second or an hour are derived from the pre-established monthly price and are the same in all private regions. The billing for active (running) and passive (stopped) instances differs, as the stopped instances consume less resources. For the sake of easier comprehension, the billing model is presented on the diagram below:

All machines run in Cloud are billed, except for those run within the personal projects.

You can find the details on EPAM Cloud Service billing strategy, and instructions on project cost estimation in our Account Management Guide .

You can estimate the price of a VM using the Cost Estimator tool.

You can also use the or2report CLI command to get the monthly billing report for the specified project.

The value display colour indicates the changes in the KPI value according to the following scheme:

  • Grey: the value didn't change during the last seven days
  • Red: the current value is the maximum one for the last seven days
  • Yellow: the current value is the minimum one for the last seven days
  • Green: the current value is in a "normal" scope, i.e., it does not reach neither maximum, nor minimum point