Region Level

The Region-level analytics allows you to get the performance and cost statistics for the specified EPAM Private Cloud virtualization region. It aggregates the KPI data from all the infrastructure elements existing in this region and provides you with the info on projects and VMs count in the selected region, infrastructure utilization details, and the overall cost of the region.

For Region-level statistics, the Trend graph illustrates the KPI changes trend for the last seven days, and the Value gives the respective KPI value for the current day and the minimum and the maximum values that occurred during the studied period of time. The statistics is refreshed daily at 3 a.m. UTC time

The deep dive analytics provides you with a graph where you can see the selected KPI details for the region, and compare it with the same KPI data from other regions.

  • General KPI

    General KPI group contains the data on the number of the projects and related virtual machines the existing within the selected region.

  • Infrastructure Utilization

    This group includes the statistics on the infrastructure resources utilization on the selected project, and includes data on CPU, memory and storage usage.

  • Financial KPI

    The Financial KPI gives the statistics on the overall cost for the resources used within the selected virtualization region.

Region Hosts Statistics

Each virtualization region is technically based on a number of hosts, each supporting some EPAM Cloud service. Project-level analytics allows to get the information about the hosts that support the selected project.

The metrics covered by Zabbix depend on the Zabbix template used. You can customize the set of monitored metrics by adding a custom template to Zabbix server. This should be done manually: you need to upload the template file to the server using the admin credentials.