VM Lifetime

VM Lifetime indicators provide the information on the lifetime of the VMs existing in your projects. Each value identifies the number of currently existing VMs of the specified age. The information on the VMs that were removed before the report creation is not included.

VM Lifetime indicator is a part of a monthly Summary Report delivered to Project Sponsors, Sales Executives, and Account Managers. Apart from the report, this data is available on the Monitoring page of the Cloud Management Console.
The values given here are true for the moment of closure of the latest billing month.

If you have many VMs with short lifetime (less than 1 week or less than 1 month), it may indicate that the project runs VMs often and terminates them when they are not needed. In this case, you project may have extra expenses for initial launch fee, and, probably, it would be more efficient to switch to the start/stop strategy.

If you have a large number of VMs with long lifetime (6-12 months), it may show that there are some VMs that are out of use, but still exist and are billed every month.