VM Utilization

VM Utilization KPI provides the average utilization rate (the time the VM spent in RUNNING state, in % of the overall VM lifetime) of the VMs existing on all the projects on which the user has the Admin role.

  • Normal range: 30% - 70% VM utilization. We assume that the users regularly work with their VMs and stop them when they are not used. The standard working day is eight hours, and in some cases, a VM's utilization is prolonged for project needs. If a VM usage fits this scheme, it's uptime rate is within the 30-70% range.
  • Low utilization: < 30%. The stopped VMs are still billed, and in case a VM is mostly in the stopped state, the bigger part of the VMs price is it's down time price. If the VM is in running state for less than 30% of its lifetime, it may be reasonable to remove it and to pass its tasks to another VM. In case there is a need to have separate VMs for some rarely performed tasks, it can be useful to switch from the stop/start utilization principle to run/terminate one, when the VM is created to perform a special task and then removed.
  • Very high utilization: > 70%. High utilization can be a signal to check whether the instances are really required 24/7, and if they are not, stop them regularly. It is possible to organize automatic scheduled VMs stopping and starting using the Cron rules.

The value is updated once a day

VM Utilization report is also a part of monthly Summary Report delivered to Project Sponsors, Sales Executives and Account Managers after each billing month closure.