Quota Usage

Cloud Resources Utilization Quota is an allowance that can be used to run instances, create storages and manage the resources, in accordance with actual prices. Setting monthly quotas to a project is a reliable and convenient way to control the expenses by setting their higher limit, in USD.

Quota Usage KPI provides the information on the current project quota utilization, in % of the overall monthly sum. The value is updated every 30 minutes.

When the project quota usage reaches 100%, all the project resources get stopped. To restart the resources, please, address to your Account Manager to increase the project quota in UPSA or wait till the beginning of the next month.

You can also find the current quota utilization information by calling the or2report CLI command, which will return the current project cost by type, in USD, the overall monthly quota and quota utilization rate, in %:

or2report -p project -r region -m month -y year -t quota