Compute Service Cost KPI


The CPU KPI gives the information on the overall project CPU usage cost.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) resources are billed for instance uptime on the hourly basis. The hourly costs are calculated based on 730.5 average hours per month.

The CPU cost also depends on the number of CPU units used within the project. The amount of CPU units in an instance depends on the instance shape:

Instance Type #vCPU Memory AWS shape mapping
Micro 1 512MB t1.micro
Mini 1 1GB t1.micro
Small 1 1.7GB m1.small
Medium 2 3.75GB m1.medium
Large 2 7.5GB m1.large
XL 4 7.5GB c1.xlarge
2XL 4 15GB m2.xlarge
3XL 8 15GB m1.xlarge

The value display colour indicates the changes in the KPI value according to the following scheme:

  • Grey: the value didn't change during the last seven days
  • Red: the current value is the maximum one for the last seven days
  • Yellow: the current value is the minimum one for the last seven days
  • Green: the current value is in a "normal" scope, i.e., it does not reach neither maximum, nor minimum point