Run VM

The Run VM KPI gives the number of the RUN VM operations performed in the selected project (or region of the project) during the current month. The value is updated every day.

The KPI provides the number of RUN operations, not the number of VMs in RUNNING state. The RUN operation can be performed with either or2-create-instances (or2run) Maestro CLI command or Run button in the VM details on the Management page.

On the Monitoring page, the value is represented as a Total value for the whole current month and a Trend graph showing the dynamics of the KPI changes during the latest 7 days.

The display colour indicates the changes in the KPI value according to the following scheme:

  • Grey: the value didn't change during the last seven days
  • Red: the current value is the maximum one for the last seven days
  • Yellow: the current value is the minimum one for the last seven days
  • Green: the current value is in a "normal" scope, i.e., it does not reach neither maximum, nor minimum point

To see more detailed information on the events that take place in your Infrastructure during the latest days (up to 100), you can use the following Maestro CLI command:

or2audit -p project -r region -d days