Cloud Level

The Cloud-level analytics allows you to get the performance and cost statistics for the whole EPAM Private Cloud infrastructure. It aggregates the KPI data from all the regions and provides you with the info on projects and VMs count in Cloud, infrastructure utilization details, and the overall Private Cloud cost.

For Cloud-level statistics, the Trend graph illustrates the KPI changes trend for the last seven days, and the Value gives the respective KPI value for the current day and the minimum and the maximum values that occurred during the studied period of time. The statistics is refreshed daily at 3 a.m. UTC time

The deep dive analytics provides you with a graph where you can see the data on different regions as separate items that can be shown or hidden if necessary.

  • General KPI

    General KPI group contains the data on the number of the projects, active in EPAM Cloud, and the number of the existing virtual machines.

  • Infrastructure Utilization

    This group includes the statistics on the infrastructure resources utilization in EPAM Cloud, and includes data on CPU, memory and storage usage.

  • Financial KPI

    The Financial KPI gives the statistics on the overall cost for the resources used within EPAM Cloud.