Google Cloud Trainings

On this page, you can find the self-education materials intended to introduce you to the basics of Google Cloud.

Browse the Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform materials for tutorials, quick start documentation, short how-to videos and sample projects illustrating how the most popular Google products and resources can be used.

Or, try Google Cloud Platform and the related services for free to get first-hand experience of using the various cloud computing options offered by Google Cloud.

Please also pay special attention to the Google Cloud Program on Cousera.

The program consists of five courses - from the basics to technical details and best practices:

- Google Cloud Fundamentals. Core Infrastructure.

- Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals.

- Configuration Management on Google Cloud Platform.

- Computing, Storage, and Security.

- Google Cloud Program

You can pass some of the courses for free (in audit mode). The others are paid-only (and you get a certificate). This section is under development now, so watch for updates, new documents and training announcements!