10. Virtual Hosting vs. Cloud Computing

This presentation tells about key differences between Virtual Hosting and Cloud Computing. It's important to understand that differences in order to deliver cloud decisions of high quality.

  • Training goal: To understand what types of application hosting can be called cloud and why. To prevent common misunderstanding, often leading to serious problems with production environment.
  • Target audience: Software and maintenance engineers, project managers, who are using virtual hosting on their projects and all those who are migrating to cloud.
  • Estimated training time: 1 h
  • Available languages: English and Russian.
  • Group size: 10 people

After the training, the attendees should know:

  • What is virtual hosting
  • What is cloud computing
  • Essential differences between virtual hosting and cloud computing
  • Problems that can occur in case if you declare virtual hosting to be cloud computing
  • Means to shift from virtual hosting to cloud computing


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