03. Cloud Computing Service Providers

This presentation provides you with a short overview of cloud computing providers and informs on their main features and management tools.

  • Training goal: List and describe the most popular cloud providers and their key features.
  • Target audience: engineers who are interested in cloud computing domain.
  • Estimated training time: 1 hour.
  • Available languages: English and Russian.
  • Group size: 10-100 persons

After the training, the attendees should know:

  • The most popular cloud providers, classified in 2 groups (IaaS/PaaS/)
  • IaaS: Amazon AWS, Rackspace, HP Cloud, GoGrid

        -Key features of the providers
        -Management tools (CLI/API)
        -Comparison table
  • PaaS: Jelastic, Azure, GAE, Heroku

        -Key features of the providers
        -Management tools (CLI/API)
        -Comparison table


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