Azure Trainings

In this course we will introduce you to Microsoft Azure. The course is divided into three parts, each representing a new level of Microsoft Azure expertise.

  • General Information on the Course

    Here, you can find the general information on the Microsoft Azure training course, including the required software and the prerequisites.

  • Developer Level 1. Azure Basics

    In this course we will investigate most important features of Microsoft Azure and develop our first project. We will also try to migrate on-premise well working application to cloud and see for problems and solutions.

    • 01. Starting with Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure concepts and features overview. We will publish the first Microsoft Azure project via Visual Studio and Eclipse IDEs.

    • 02. SQL Azure

      xPenses is a well working on-premise application. Lets try to migrate it to cloud.

    • 03. Microsoft Azure Storage Services

      Microsoft Azure provides different ways of storing application data. In the previous lecture we've discovered SQL Azure. Lets take a look at non-relational Microsoft Azure data management services.

    • 04. Microsoft Azure Drive

      Microsoft Azure Drive is a way of using legacy I/O operation in cloud application. Lets investigate it.

    • 05. Microsoft Azure Service Bus

      Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a technology for brokered messages application communication. It also supports publish/subscriber pattern and relay features for WCF services. Will discover them all.

    • 06. Microsoft Azure Caching

      Microsoft Azure provides several technologies related to caching. All of them are easy to use. We will discover how to setup CDN for Storage Services and two ways of configuring cache cluster via worker role.

  • Developer Level 2. Advanced Features

    In this course we will continue to investigate Microsoft Azure platform and take a look at advanced features.

  • Developer Level 3. Best Practices

    This course contains Microsoft Azure high-level related stuff.

    • 01. SQL Reporting

      SQL Reporting in Microsoft Azure is a SaaS solution for SQL Reporting capability of ordinary SQL Server for SQL Azure. At first look they provide the same capabilities and SQL Reporting is much cheaper for your Microsoft Azure application. Let’s check if it is so.

    • 02. Microsoft azure Recovery Services

      Discover Microsoft Azure Recovery Services capabilities. Investigate the process of configuration such services on Windows Server machines.

  • Amazon Partner Trainings

    Free Amazon trainings within the Amazon partnership program.