03. Security in AWS

This module explains the basic security principles applicable to AWS infrastructures, practical guidelines on setting up a secure environment and protecting the project data. After the training, you will be familiar with the basic security measures, methods and approaches adopted in AWS, security tools and services used in AWS and EPAM Cloud, and the terms and conditions of cloud service provisioning.

The training is oriented at software development engineers, QA engineers, architects as well as other users planning to or already using AWS in their daily activities and interested in optimizing their security approaches in accordance with AWS and EPAM Orchestrator standards and best practices.

This training requires basic AWS knowledge. To attend the training, you need to have at least one AWS Certificate. See the Amazon Partner Trainings page for information on AWS trainings and certificates.

The module covers the following topics:

  • Basic security principles and tools
  • Access management
  • Data encryption and protection
  • Network security

Training Resources

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The presentation contains the best practices on configuring and maintaining securoty measures in your AWS infrastructure.