02. Cost Optimization

This module provides the recommendations on using AWS resources in the most cost-effective manner and includes best practices allowing to save project costs. After the training, you will get the basic knowledge of types of resources supported by AWS and their optimal usage, infrastructure organization principles and tools and methods of controlling and reducing cloud computing costs.

The training is oriented at software development engineers, QA engineers, Project Managers as well as other users planning to or already using AWS in their daily activities.

This training requires basic AWS knowledge. To attend the training, you need to have at least one AWS Certificate. See the Amazon Partner Trainings page for information on AWS trainings and certificates.

The module covers the following topics:

  • The "Minimum Principle" and auto-scaling
  • Serverless architectures
  • Container-based architectures
  • Resources review and optimization
  • Using Reserved Instances
  • Using Spot Instances

Training Resources

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Cost Optimization

The presentation contains recommendations on configuring cost-effective infrastructures.