Amazon Web Services Training

In order to assist EPAM projects working with AWS to organize their AWS-based infrastructure in the most optimal and effective way, EPAM Cloud introduces a four-module dedicated AWS Best Practices training.

The training consists of four complete modules, each subsequent module being an extension to the previous one. The topics include all matters of AWS infrastructure management, from basic requirements and useful tools to security, cost and performance optimization.

The course will be available as online instructor-lead training (visit the Learn Portal for schedule and enrolment instructions) as well as a self-paced course at EPAM University. You can also find all course materials in this section.

  • 01. General Overview

    The module introduces you to the training course and provides an overview of AWS infrastructure organization principles, best practices and useful tools. After the training, you will get the basic knowledge of AWS optimization possibilities and integration with EPAM Cloud.

  • 02. Cost Optimization

    This module provides the recommendations on using AWS resources in the most cost-effective manner and includes best practices allowing to save project costs. After the training, you will get the basic knowledge of types of resources supported by AWS and their optimal usage, infrastructure organization principles and tools and methods of controlling and reducing cloud computing costs.

  • 03. Security in AWS

    This module explains the basic security principles applicable to AWS infrastructures, practical guidelines on setting up a secure environment and protecting the project data. After the training, you will be familiar with the basic security measures, methods and approaches adopted in AWS, security tools and services used in AWS and EPAM Cloud, and the terms and conditions of cloud service provisioning.

  • 04. Performance Optimization

    This module provides practical recommendations on increasing the infrastructure performance and configuring a reliable environment. After the training, you will get the knowledge of AWS infrastructure components and their selection for the most optimum performance, as well as fault tolerance methods and techniques and monitoring tools.

  • Amazon Partner Trainings

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