Self-Education and Trainings

Amazon Web Services Training

You can start with one of three paths that teach AWS Cloud basics and extend professional competencies:

- AWS Business Professional

- AWS Technical Professional

- AWS Professional Services

You can start your AWS journey with AWS Business Professional, AWS Technical Professional, and AWS Cloud Economics courses. Check respective learning paths for more details. To prepare for certifications, check the EPAM AWS Certification program page for the up-to-date information or write an e-mail to AWS Certification team . You can also check the official AWS site for the detailed information on certifications.

The Cloud Consulting team together with the AWS conduct webinars, Immersion Days and Game Days as well as other educational events to help you dive deep into AWS tools and technologies. You can find recordings of the webinars on our Video Portal Channel.

If you have a specific request or you would like to teach your team some specific tools, you can contact the Cloud Consulting team and we will organize a training for you.