Self-Education and Trainings

EPAM provides a lot of opportunities for self-education, skills development and preparing for a certification. Here, you can benefit from internal courses and working with EPAM trainers, public events and courses, and those supported by Cloud providers as well.

The table below shows several platforms where you can take courses:

Platform AWS Microsoft Azure Google
AWS Partner network portal + - -
Cloud academy + + +
A Cloud Guru + + +
Coursera + + +
Linux academy + + +
O'Reilly + + +
Udemy + + +

To get acquainted with EPAM Cloud, you can also check the Introduction to EPAM Cloud course which aim is to increase EPAM Cloud expertise level among EPAM employees, provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions, clarify the most frequent misunderstandings, and encourage Cloud usage.

The Cloud Consulting team is always happy to help you with navigating through different courses or to connect you to the necessary persons who can provide more details on Cloud education you are interested in.