Self-Education and Trainings

EPAM Cloud is a self-service that includes a wide range of abilities and tools. Our team has developed a set of documents, trainings, use cases and white papers in order to help you to get acquainted with the service and provide you with all the necessary information.

  • Cloud Computing Bootcamp

    Here you can find self-paced trainings aimed at giving you the basic knowledge and skills for getting started in EPAM Cloud. You can choose a more basic Adaptation course or a more extensive EPAM University course.

    • EPAM Cloud Adaptation

      EPAM Cloud is the enterprise-critical service, which is used by many projects to ensure the necessary infrastructure capacities. That's why it is important to have a tool that would give quick and comprehensive overview of EPAM Cloud service capabilities. Such tool is an EPAM-Cloud dedicated module on epam Adaptation portal.

    • Introduction to EPAM Cloud - MOOC

      This is a fundamental self-education course, delivered via EPAM University portal. The course is targeted at people who want to get acquainted with the most common EPAM Cloud tools and approaches, and get the basic expertise needed for effective usage of the basic virtual resources provisioning service and related services, such as auto configuration, storage management, and platform services.

  • Cloud Computing Basics

    This section contains a set of trainings materials on general Cloud Computing concepts for novices and those who want to consolidate their vision of CC, DevOps and CD domains.

  • Amazon Web Services Training

    This section contains a set of trainings that give you the basic idea of how Amazon Web Services can be used within EPAM Cloud, as well as help you to improve your existing skills up to an expert's level.

  • Azure Trainings

    In this course we will introduce you to Windows Azure. The course is divided into three parts, each representing a new level of Windows Azure expertise.

  • Google Cloud Trainings

    On this page, you can find the self-education materials intended to introduce you to the basics of Google Cloud.

    Browse the Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform materials for tutorials, quick start documentation, short how-to videos and sample projects illustrating how the most popular Google products and resources can be used.

    Or, try Google Cloud Platform and the related services for free to get first-hand experience of using the various cloud computing options offered by Google Cloud.

    Please also pay special attention to the Google Cloud Program on Cousera.

    The program consists of five courses - from the basics to technical details and best practices:

    - Google Cloud Fundamentals. Core Infrastructure.

    - Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals.

    - Configuration Management on Google Cloud Platform.

    - Computing, Storage, and Security.

    - Google Cloud Program

    You can pass some of the courses for free (in audit mode). The others are paid-only (and you get a certificate). This section is under development now, so watch for updates, new documents and training announcements!

  • DevOps Trainings

    This section contains a set of trainings aimed to provide DevOps engineers with new skills and expertise, starting from the basic info up to the advanced level of Opscode Chef usage.