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User Audit

EPAM Cloud engine that allows to collect all Cloud infrastructure events for the specified period of time.

The Audit output can be fine-tuned to return certain types of Cloud events by setting the corresponding filter. The period for which the audit data has to be returned can also be selected. Audit data can be requested for all virtual machines in the region or for a particular virtual machine.

Audit data is available on the Audit tab of the Cloud Management Console. Alternatively, it can be sent by email or requested by a Maestro CLI command.

See the Account Management Guide, Section 6, Resources Audit, for details.

User Credentials

Login and password combination provided by the user to access the system. In EPAM, users can log in with your EPAM credentials ( with or without

In EPAM Cloud, users can log in to Windows and Linux instances using their standard domain credentials. At the same time, use of SSH keys is also supported.

See the Quick Start Guide, Section 4, Logging in to Instances, for details.

User Permissions

Set of allowed and denied operations assigned to a user and defining such user's access to the EPAM Cloud Services. User Permissions depend on the user's Project Role in the project. The Project Role is defined by the Project Manager or Project Coordinator. Each Project Role corresponds to a set of default User Permissions which the Project Manager or Project Coordinator can change, if needed.

See EPAM Cloud - Account Management Guide, Section 5, User Permissions, for details.

User Role

User attribute defining the user's general level of access to the Cloud. Two User Roles are available - Cloud User (project role-based access) and Cloud Admin (maximum access).

The User Role is assigned to the user by the Project Manager. The combination of the Project Role and the User Role defines the scope of the user's access to the system and the actions allowed or denied to the user.

Also, Cloud Role.

See the Account Management Guide, Annex A - User Permissions, for details.