Platform as a Service, cloud environment for application developers. PaaS providers offer a computing platform with an operating system, database, web server and programming language tools. PaaS users can develop their solutions without having to purchase the necessary hard- and software.

See the Cloud Computing. IaaS / PaaS / SaaS Layers presentation for more information.

Visit the Cloud Orchestration Framework page for the details on PaaS capabilities used in the Cloud Orchestrator.


Usage-based payment method in which users pay only for the services actually provided or resources actually consumed.

Users can easily see the current monthly prices for EPAM Cloud resources using the 'or2-price' Maestro CLI command and estimate their virtual machine monthly cost.

The cost of a project in different configurations can be estimated using the Cost Estimator.

The cloud resources are billed on the hourly basis. The actual charge depends on a number of factors, such as whether the virtual machine is running or stopped, how much storage volume is actually consumed, whether checkpoints and images are used, etc.

The Reporting tab of the Cloud Management Console allows monitoring the hourly project costs as well as the cost of the used resources.

See the Account Management Guide, Section 8, Billing in EPAM Cloud, for details.

Personal Project

Project available for EPAM Cloud users for their personal purposes (training, demo, educational, etc.) for free, but within a certain monthly financial allowance (quota). The personal project monthly quota corresponds to the job function level of the employee. Additionally, daily resource quotas are applicable.

Personal projects are not to be used as billable projects.

In EPAM Cloud personal projects can be run only in the EPAM-BY2 region for EPAMers all over the world, and in EPAM-IN1 - for the employees in India.

See Quick Start Guide, Section 7, Personal Quotas and Projects, for details.

Primary Contact

The user acting as the first point-of-contact for all major events and changes in a project. The Primary Contact receives project-related alerts and notifications, messages about instance status changes, reports and security-related alerts.

In EPAM Cloud, the Project Manager and Delivery Manager are the primary contacts for the project. Primary contacts are assigned automatically according to the user's role in UPSA.

See Security Policy for details.

Private Cloud

Cloud computing model offering similar services as the public cloud but only for a single enterprise and operating totally within its firewall.

EPAM Private Cloud is a set of cloud services designed to achieve various goals within a secure environment, based on EPAM hardware.

See EPC Services page for details.

Project Role

Set of functions and duties defining the user's scope of responsibility within the project. The Project Role has the related set of User Permissions defining the user's access to the EPAM Cloud Services.

The list of available default Project Roles is mapped to the list of job functions. Once a user is assigned to a project, the Project Manager select the Project Role(s) corresponding to the user's function in the project. The default Project Roles define the default User Permissions associated with them. The default permissions can be edited, if necessary.

See the Account Management Guide, Annex A - User Permissions, for the list of default Project Roles.

Public Cloud

Cloud computing model where the resources and services are generally available via the Internet and accessible via self-service portals.