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Open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform used to support large virtual servers in a data center.

EPAM Cloud uses OpenStack technology in its EPAM-IN1, EPAM-DKR, EPAM-US2 and EPAM-BY2 regions.

According to EPAM Cloud development plan, all EPAM Cloud regions will be migrated to OpenStack by the end of 2017.

For the EPAM-BY2 network specifics inherent to the OpenStack technology see Maestro CLI User Guide, Annex D - Service Locations.

Visit OpenStack Official Website for details.


Part of the existing EPAM ecosystem providing the possibility for project teams to manage virtual infrastructure via a self-service solution, monitor infrastructure performance and events, collect logs, process Cloud-related billing, etc.

The key characteristics of EPAM Orchestration Service is its multitenancy, which allows the users who work on different projects to act independently and not to interfere with each other.

Visit the Cloud Orchestration Framework page for the details on the main features of the EPAM Cloud Orchestrator and services it offers.