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Keypair, SSH

Combination of a public key and a private key allowing to access virtual machines without using credentials.

Keypairs are used in SSH, or Secure Shell, an encrypted network protocol allowing to log in remotely and operate over a secure channel in an unsecured network. In EPAM Cloud, the user has to create a keypair consisting of a public key and a private key and use it to access the instances without providing their credentials.

See the Quick Start Guide, Section 4, Logging in to Instances, for details on using SSH keys.


OpenStack identity service used for authentication and authorization.

When EPAM Cloud uses OpenStack infrastructure in its operation (e.g.the EPAM-BY2 region), identity service is provided by Keystone. In other cases EPAM Cloud uses own identity services for authentication and authorization.

Visit the Keystone Official Website for details.


Open-source solution for automated management of application containers. Kubernetes platform supports automated deployment, scaling and operation of containers.

Kubernetes can be used to schedule and run application containers on clusters consisting of either physical or virtual machines.

Visit the Kubernetes Official Website for details.