Big Data Management

Processing large volumes of data including its collection, administration, search and analysis.

EPAM Cloud supports such big data management solutions as Hadoop and Splunk which are deployed as platform services.

See the Services Guide for details.

Billing at Month-End Closure

A process taking time within 5 first days of each month, which includes verification and synchronization of all billing data from EPAM Cloud and external platforms, as well as bills check and verification.

The final point of the procedure is delivering Monthly Summary reports to project sponsors, sales executives and account managers.

See the Account Management Guide for details.

Billing Coefficient

Region-related multiplier applied to the resource cost to define its fee for a specific region.

The base charge for using the EPAM Cloud resources can be easily calculated for the selected VM capacity, additional storage volume, checkpoints and images, if any. The region in which the VM will be used defines the billing coefficient.

Use the Online Cost Estimator to calculate the estimated charge for the VM you are planning to use.

See the EPAM Cloud - Account Management Guide, Section 8, Billing in EPAM Cloud, for details.

Billing Quota

Financial or resource limitation applied to a project and specifying the desired monthly cost limit (resource utilization quota), or the allowed number of new resources that can be created within 24 hours (resource creation quota).

Quotas are an efficient tool of controlling the project costs. EPAM Cloud has a mechanism of automatic notification of quota reaching certain predefined levels, so that the user is informed well in advance of possible quota depletion.

See the EPAM Cloud - Account Management Guide, Section 4, Project Quotas, for details.