Here you can find the answers on Cloud Project management questions (permissions, roles, personal projects).

How can I access my personal resources in Cloud?

To get access to the personal resources, activate your personal project in Cloud.

EPAM Cloud provides all its users with their personal projects (named by corporate email address), where they can launch and manage instances.

To activate the personal project, use the Activate Project wizard on the Cloud Dashboard .

See more details on personal projects and quotas in our Quick Start Guide.

How can I activate project and region in Cloud?

Send the Project and Region Activation request for UPSA project activation.

You can also activate the project with the help of Activate Project wizard on the Cloud Dashboard .

The Activate Project wizard allows to perform the procedure only to Account Managers, except the Personal Project activation.

To expand the project for additional region, use the Manage Cloud wizard.

Please be aware that the option is available for the Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Delivery Manager, or Account Manager.

To activate the Personal project, use the Activate Project wizard. See more details in our Quick Start Guide.

How can I edit user permissions for my project?

Please, see our User Permissions page for details.

How can I manage domain/admin user access to a VM?

Please be aware that the Cloud Admin role is applied for granting access to various operations it Cloud. It does not provide the Admin permissions on a VM. In order to create domain/admin user access to a VM, use the following algorithm:

Grant domain user access to Linux virtual server

1. Login to Virtual Server

2. Add user to /etc/sssd/sssd.conf to "ldap_access_filter" entry like:


3. Run the "sudo service sssd restart" command:

sudo service sssd restart

4. Add sudoers permission in /etc/sudoers like: ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

Pay attention: in sssd.conf file Domain_Name must be with capital letters in sudoers file domain_name with lower case

Grant domain user access to Windows virtual server

If you need to grant access to Windows servers, you can add a user to:

Start > Administrative tools > Computer management > Local Users and Groups > Groups > Administrators > Add.

I have been assigned a new project role, but I am still unable to manage the infrastructure according to my project permissions. Why does this happen?

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator retrieves updates from UPSA once a day. User permissions for EPAM Cloud operations are updated simultaneously or faster, in case the user tries to login before the update is performed.

In case the issue remains for over 1 hour, please make a Support Request at

When is the personal project deactivated?

A personal project gets deactivated when its user's status changes from 'active' to 'inactive', 'maternity leave' or 'extended leave'.

On project deactivation, all the related resources are deleted.

Our project is deactivated in Cloud. How can I make sure there will be no more Cloud billing?

Once the project is deactivated, no more Cloud resources or services remain active. You can either perform the cleanup by yourself, or with assistance of the Cloud Support team.

In addition, in case the project is fully closed in UPSA, the closure procedure won't be completed unless we double-check that all your resources are terminated.

Please note: as the billing month is closed on the 5th day of the coming month, you may still receive the final bill several days or a couple of weeks after the project was closed.

How can I delegate permissions to manage my project account in Cloud?

Project account settings in EPAM Cloud are managed with the Manage Cloud wizard which is by default available to the members of Advanced Management Group (Project Manager, Account Manager, Project Coordinator).

It allows the Advanced Management group members to delegate the responsibility for a specific project performance and billing to a trusted project member who can react properly and timely to the project needs. This is done by submitting a request to EPAM Cloud Support team.

How can I delegate permissions to a person from my project to receive project-related notifications instead of me ?

EPAM Orchestrator delivers numerous notifications, aimed to allow project members keep track of all events, state changes, costs statistics, threats, and other infrastructure details. A big set of such notifications is sent to the members of Advanced Management Group (Project Manager, Account Manager, Project Coordinator).

Emails delegation feature allows the user to whom the notifications are delegated, start receive the project-related emails instead of the person who delegated the email. The rest of recipients are not affected. The permissions are delegated with the Delegate option of the Manage Cloud wizard.

I didn't find the answer to my question here. Where should I address?

If this section does not contain the answer to your question, please, address our Consulting Team.