Here you can find the answers on Cloud Project management questions (permissions, roles, personal projects).

How can I edit user permissions for my project?

Please, see our User Permissions page for details.

I have been assigned a new project role, but I am still unable to manage the infrastructure according to my projecct permissions. Why does this happen?

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator retrieves updates from UPSA once a day. User permissions for EPAM Cloud operations are updated simultaneously or faster, in case the user tries to login before the update is performed.

In case the issue remains for over 1 hour, please make a Support Request at

When is the personal project deactivated?

A personal project gets deactivated when its user's status changes from 'active' to 'inactive', 'maternity leave' or 'extended leave'.

On project deactivation, all the related resources are deleted.

Our project is deactivated in Cloud. How can I make sure there will be no more Cloud billing?

To make sure your project is no longer billed for Cloud usage, you need to have all Cloud resources terminated. You can either terminate them on your side or make a request to the Support Portal to deactivate your project and terminate all related resources.

I didn't find the answer to my question here. Where should I address?

If this section does not contain the answer to your question, please, address our Consulting Team.