Here, the answers for settings and configuration related questions are given.

I am a QA engineer and need to test an application on IE9, but I have the latest version on my computer. How can I get an earlier IE version?

In such situation, you can launch a VM in Cloud and use the following command to automatically set up the browsers installation for it:

or2setp -i instance_id -t "ep_chefrole=browsers"

For more details on the browsers installation and available browsers and versions please, see the Browsers page where the 'browsers' chefrole is described.

How do I configure Maven for Maestro JAVA SDK?

To configure Maven for Maestro JAVA SDK, please, add the following within the 'dependencies' section of your POM:


The artifacts are available via EPAM Maven Repository:


What JAVA versions are supported by Maestro CLI?

JAVA 1.8 is supported.

How can I upgrade the guest OS on my VM?

Windows and Linux systems in Cloud cannot be upgraded.

It is possible to update the OS X to versions 10.10.2 or 10.11. To do it, please submit a request to Cloud Support L1.5 team.

How can I change the default resolution on my Mac Instance?

The operation needs adding video space for your VM. Please, address Cloud Support L1.5 team with the respective request.

I didn't find the answer to my question here. Where should I address?

If this section does not contain the answer to your question, please, address our Consulting Team.