The topic covers the questions related to CLI setup and commands usage.

Where do I get the latest Maestro CLI version?

The latest Maestro CLI version is available for downloading by this link.

If you already have an installed CLI, please, use the or2update command to update it to the latest version.

How do I install Maestro CLI?

Please find all the necessary details on the Quick Start page for tips on Quick Start or follow instructions in the Maestro CLI Quick Start Guide right away.

Can I use both short and long parameter names in the same CLI command?

You can use both long and short names for different parameters of one command, however, you cannot use both parameter options for the same repeated parameter. Please see the examples below.

How do 'or2stop', 'or2reboot' and 'or2kill' commands work?

- or2stop command shuts down the VM and clears RAM resources.
- or2kill command does not use the shutdown hook to perform clean guest shutdown and purges the instance after turning it off.
- or2reboot reboots the VM and restarts.

By default, or2stop and or2reboot commands use the shutdown hook to perform graceful shutdown. However, in case your machine is running some 'heavy' application, this operation can take a long time with instance remaining in STOPPING (REBOOTING) state. In this case you can repeat the command and provide the '--force' parameter to execute the 'Power Off' command on vCenter side.

Please remember that forced power off action can result in unexpected performance issues with your VM.

Is there any way to find how long VM has been up via Maestro CLI?

You can see you VM status change events using the or2audit command. The command output lets you see how long your VM has been in the running state.

To find out the real uptime of the guest OS of your VM, you can login directly to your VM's desktop (or console). Cloud CLI does not show this information.

Can I use Maestro CLI from within DMZ?

Maestro CLI needs access to EPAM network in order to communicate with Orchestrator correctly. As this access is restricted for DMZs, using Maestro CLI from there is impossible.

I didn't find the answer to my question here. Where should I address?

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