This page represents a single documentation storage for EPAM Cloud. All the papers we publish on our website are automatically gathered at this location.

The guides are constantly updated, therefore you might what to drop by once in a while and get the most relevant and up-to-date information on EPAM Cloud.

EPAM Cloud - Account Management Guide

This guide is a brief reference for Project Managers. It is designed to help you configure your project settings within EPAM Cloud, provides information on billing, quotas, audit, permissions management, and contains guidelines for various routine situations.

Cost Optimization in EPAM Cloud

This brochure contains the summary of cost-saving techniques and best practices used in EPAM Cloud.

EPAM Cloud Support - Process Guide

The document explaining the processes within EPAM Support Service.

EPAM Cloud Support - Troubleshooting Guide

The document gives instructions on Maestro CLI and API troubleshooting in terms of EPAM Cloud self-service concept.

Hybrid cloud for Developers

The Case Study on building a hybrid cloud to deliver internal IT infrastructure resources in EPAM.

EPAM Cloud Case Study

The document provides the story of EPAM Cloud project implementation

EPAM Cloud Problem Resolution Consulting_v5

A Case Study describing our experience in reviewing customer's infrastructure and suggesting possible solutions for the existing issues.

General Overview

The presentation provides an overview of AWS infrastructure organization principles.

Cost Optimization

The presentation contains recommendations on configuring cost-effective infrastructures.


The presentation contains the best practices on configuring and maintaining securoty measures in your AWS infrastructure.

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Maestro CLI - Quick Start

This guide is intended to give you first insights into use of Maestro CLI, gives the guidelines on its installation and the idea of the basic infrastructure management tools.

Maestro CLI - Quick Reference Card

A full list of Maestro CLI commands and their parameters to be used as reference.

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator: Hybrid Cloud Guide

The guide contains the detailed instruction on EPAM Cloud integration with AWS and Azure platforms

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Maestro CLI User Guide

The Maestro CLI User Guide describes EPAM Cloud Orchestrator Command Line Interface, infrastructure manipulation specifics and environment settings, and includes command examples, step by step instructions and necessary reference materials.

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Maestro CLI Developer's Guide

This document is designed for EPAM Cloud users who want to use Maestro API in their applications and provides the detailed guidelines on use and customization of Maestro CLI client.

Spring Cloud Data Flow on Kubernetes

The document contains detailed instructions on deploying Spring Cloud Data Flow server in a Kubernetes cluster.

Regions Comparison

The document gives the details on the region performance test results.

Instructions on integrating Docker, Docker Registry and Kubernetes

The document contains detailed instructions on integrating containerization tools into a single system

Instructions on Integrating CI/CD Components

The document contains detailed instructions on integrating components and creating a complete CI/CD environment.

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator - Maestro API Reference Guide

The Maestro API Reference Guide contains detailed information on EPAM Cloud Orchestrator Application Programming Interface, guidelines on its utilization, usage examples and errors description.

EPAM Cloud Management Console

This paper describes and provides best practices for utilization of Orchestration Cloud Management Console.

EPAM Cloud Features Overview

The document provides brief overviews of the main features and facilities supported within EPAM Cloud Service.

EPAM Cloud Billing Overview

The document provides brief overviews of the main solutions implemented in EPAM Orchestrator's billing engine.

EPAM Cloud Reporting Overview

The document gives the brief overview of EPAM Cloud reporting facilities.

EPAM Cloud Hybridization Overview

The document gives the brief overview of EPAM Cloud hybridization with external Cloud providers.

EPAM Cloud Services Guide

The document gives the list of the services provided by EPAM Cloud, with their descriptions, related commands and workflows.

Containerization Service

This document describes the containerization solutions implemented in EPAM Cloud - Docker and Kubernetes - with the detailed instructions on their activation and use.

Ansible User Guide

This guide provides instructions on how Ansible can be used as an auto-configuration tool within EPAM Private Cloud

Terraform Service

The document gives the detailed instructions on Terraform service usage in EPAM Cloud.

Hybris as a Service - Your Turnkey Solution

This article describes the process of creating Hybris as a Service, from vision to implementation.

Gerrit Service Activation and Jenkins Integration

This guide provides instructions on activating Gerrit as a Service and setting up integration with Jenkins.

Cloud Formation Service Guide

The document describes Cloud Formation service usage in EPAM Cloud, explains the difference between CloudFormation and Maestro stacks, and provides guidelines on their usage for infrastructure management automation.