Case Studies

EPAM Cloud Problem Resolution Consulting

The request was to review an infrastructure and to suggest possible solutions for issues experienced by the customer at that time. The challenge faced by this project has been amplified as the technical person responsible for all hardware and cloud part configuration had left the company and there was no one able to perform any changes to the infrastructure. The customer's technical staff did not include cloud experts.

The request itself consisted of two parts:

  • infrastructure plan
  • problems description

The project infrastructure consisted of two parts:

  • Data Center (DC) with dedicated hardware servers
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with running virtual instances

DC and AWS facilities are connected by a VPN handled by a Cisco ASA device from the DC side and a single m1.small instance from the AWS side. The VPN connection is sometimes unstable, inciting the customer to perform a refactoring of this solution.

The application that hosted under AWS is located in a combination of private and public VPC subnets and uses internal and external Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs). One of the major issues with the ELBs is their IP addresses can be changed anytime. An ELB instance can be scaled up or down, depending on request rate or traffic load. The customer uses CNAME DNS records to assign a domain name to ELB. This is why when an ELB’s IP changes, subdomain experience propagation and resources become unavailable.

The Results

After a week of cooperating with the customer's technical team we achieved the following results:

  • Issues experienced by the application have been solved with no downtime.
  • Infrastructure security situation has been reviewed and dramatically improved by means of AWS Identity and Access Management.
  • After reserving EC2 instances, the customer saved more than 40% of monthly costs for compute resources.

As a consequence of this successful cooperation, the customer decided to continue their contract with EPAM for a long term.

One of EPAM Cloud Computing Competency Center experts became a permanent AWS consultant on this project.

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