EPAM Cloud Solution

EPAM Cloud Competency Center delivers EPAM Cloud as a new internal development infrastructure aimed to simplify the existing one, provide faster performance, transparency and manageability, all bases on self-service principles.


Many enterprise businesses face the same problem: Rapid expansion that outpaces legacy systems, which become increasingly unable to support the digital experiences customers expect.

That's exactly the issue EPAM needed to solve in order to best serve its own enterprise-level clients. EPAM utilizes an award-winning global delivery platform to create digital experiences in 19 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

In 2012, EPAM was running more than 500 concurrent customer projects, using an infrastructure of 3,000 servers in 25 global hosting locations. EPAM knew that revamping infrastructure delivery capabilities would improve cost and time to value for itself and its clients.

At the time, there was no product on the market to meet these needs at EPAM scale. So EPAM did what it does best: Built a custom Cloud-based solution that integrated seamlessly with internal systems.

Facing the Time

EPAM's legacy infrastructure lacked the speed, reliability, and availability the company needed. To maintain their high standards for project delivery, company engineers needed an ability to provision environments within minutes and seamlessly integrate with public Cloud providers for smooth hybrid deployments.

The internal Cloud drastically improved speed and ease of use. Self-service functionality allows users to manipulate cloud resources in mere seconds. Auto-configuration services and automation catalog enable user to create required application stacks based on a combination of pre-defined settings and reusable artefacts, as well as custom settings and scenarios that they create and save as needed.

To ensure that the EPAM Cloud continues to create value over time we developed Cloud Support system. It enables identifying and fixing most issues quickly and pro-actively.

Continuous Delivery Facilities

EPAM aims to provide its customers with the most up-to-date facilities and services. Assuring continuous delivery is one of the most important characteristics of modern product development. This was the challenge EPAM Cloud had to face in order to provide modern and competitive service to its users.

EPAM Cloud provides developers with all the necessary tools to establish continuous delivery process. It supports Infrastructure as a Code, Continuous Integration and Deployment Automation facilities allowing to create application stacks of any complexity quickly and easily and removing them as soon as they finish their tasks. For project needs, the developers can automate provisioning of multiple identical environments that could be used for different purpose (for example, testing and demonstration).

Transparent Resources and Costs

In order to optimize resource usage, EPAM needed to continuously monitor, optimize and release unused cloud services and underlying infrastructure. Existing systems did not provide sufficient real-time infrastructure insights, hampering the company's ability to control and fine-tune infrastructure spending.

Additionally, EPAM required to provide internal account teams and external customers with the detailed information, monitoring and alerting capabilities for project expenses and resources usage statistics in real time.

A real time data aggregation and monitoring system keeps track of Cloud resources usage and cost across all supported cloud providers and all the layers and elements of consumed cloud services. Usage monitoring is performed via convenient omni-device Web Console.

The modernized infrastructure offers cost management and control, enabling real-time Cloud cost tracking, self-service quota management, reporting and chargeback to help increase transparency and eliminate wastefulness.

Furthermore, EPAM Cloud's comprehensive audit functionality helps ensure compliance with EPAM process and security requirements.

All-Purpose and Complex

EPAM concurrently runs over 1,000 projects across large variety of platforms and application technologies. With manually managed infrastructure, the overhead and complexity is staggering.

EPAM Cloud users work with any resources, using a single tool set. The system automatically analyses user requirements and the current state and capabilities of all supported cloud service providers and allocates appropriate resources accordingly.

Complexity is further reduced by providing Auto-configuration library. This library contains hundreds of automatically deployable application stacks. EPAM Cloud provides open Chef and Docker facilities to further extend available stacks with custom deployment routines. This enables project teams to quickly start from a proven application stack and extend it as necessary with project specific configuration.

EPAM Cloud team continuously reviews popular and/or emerging application stacks and extends the library with the automation routines to deploy these stacks on all supported cloud providers. In case where a particular stack is very popular it is converted to a full-fledged service to enable further simplified consumption of these services.

Knowledge Transfer

Although EPAM already employed hundreds of highly trained cloud engineers, client demand for Cloud services threatened to outstrip the company's resources. In order to leverage the benefits of the Cloud for its clients and advance best engineering practices, large numbers of EPAM employees had to be trained and educated on Cloud computing practices and technologies.

EPAM created a dedicated training program and an internal Cloud community. Within 8 months, more than 3,000 EPAM engineers were successfully trained in Cloud practices, like Infrastructure as Code and deployment automation, and became active practitioners in EPAM Cloud and other Cloud platforms.


  • EPAM Cloud Orchestrator advances best engineering practices, provides transparent public Cloud federation, and enables full lifecycle for Cloud-based, continuous solution delivery, management, and support
  • Over 9,000 engineers in over 1,000 projects leverage EPAM Cloud to decrease time to value for our clients.
  • Single pane of glass across all Cloud providers enables real-time operational insight, cost management, reporting and alerting, spend management and comprehensive audit.

Thanks to the new Cloud infrastructure, EPAM is able to provide its customers with everything from architecture, development and testing, to Cloud hosting and application and infrastructure management - the essential suite of services for a leading software product development provider.


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