Case Studies

This section contains case studies based on actual projects implemented within EPAM Cloud Competency Center.

  • Hybrid Cloud for Developers

    The IT department was tasked with building a hybrid cloud to deliver internal IT infrastructure resources (servers, storage systems, data networks, etc), and also to introduce scale-out capability to external public clouds, such as Amazon.

  • EPAM Cloud Solution

    EPAM Cloud Competency Center delivers EPAM Cloud as a new internal development infrastructure aimed to simplify the existing one, provide faster performance, transparency and manageability, all bases on self-service principles.

  • EPAM Cloud Problem Resolution Consulting

    The request was to review an infrastructure and to suggest possible solutions for issues experienced by the customer at that time. The challenge faced by this project has been amplified as the technical person responsible for all hardware and cloud part configuration had left the company and there was no one able to perform any changes to the infrastructure. The customer's technical staff did not include cloud experts.