Hybrid Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is one of the leading cloud providers. At the beginning of 2017, EPAM Cloud supported GCP as one of the possible options for obtaining virtual infrastructions by EPAM project teams.

Google Cloud Platform Roadmap

EPAM Cloud integration with Google Cloud Platform allows running and managing virtual resources via unified EPAM Orchestrator tools, as well as accessing the native Google Management Console.

1/2 To activate your project in EPAM Cloud or Google Cloud Platform regions for a project, please submit an activation request at EPAM Service Desk and provide the details.
3 To perform standard instance manipulations in GCP, you can use Maestro CLI commands or Cloud Management Console tools with GCP regions specified as --region parameter value. For more details, please, see Maestro CLI Reference Guide , sections 2: Getting Started and 3: Working with Instances.
4 To get access to GCP management console, run the or2-google-management-console command and follow the link provided in the command response. For more details, please, see Hybrid Cloud Guide.
5-8 To find more information on the mentioned EPAM Cloud capabilities, please, see our Cloud Management Console and Account Management guides.
9 EPAM Cloud web-site is available on https://cloud.epam.com/site.
10 The details on EPAM Cloud integration with GCP, Azure and AWS are given on other pages of this section
11 Maestro CLI User Guide lists the details on all the available CLI commands and settings

Google CLoud Platform Regions Activation

To activate Google Cloud Platform regions for your project in EPAM Cloud, simply leave a Project or Region Activaion Request.

While making the request state the region in which you wish to have your project activated. 6 Google regions are supported:

Google Region Location EPAM Cloud Alias
Eastern Asia-Pacific Changhua County, Taiwan GCP-AS-EAST
Northeastern Asia-Pacific Tokyo, Japan GCP-AS-NORTHEAST
Western Europe St. Ghislain, Belgium GCP-EUWEST
Central US Council Bluffs, Iowa GCP-USCENTRAL
Eastern US Berkeley County, South Carolina GCP-USEAST
Western US The Dalles, Oregon GCP-USWEST

Please note that each region has several sub-zones, and by default, your project is activated in one of them. If you create some project resources in other sub-zones directly in Google Cloud, they will be registered under your main Google region.

The request is free of charge and will be fulfilled during three working days. Please remember that it should be approved by the Project Manager/Project Coordinator.

When the project is activated in Google Cloud Platform, all the project members get a corresponding email notification.

Running VMs on Google Cloud Platform

To create a virtual machine in Google Cloud, use the standard Orchestrator tools with -r GCP-REGION parameters:

or2run -p project -r GCP-REGION -s shape -i image -k key_for_linux_only

To log in to the Linux VMs, use the SSH key specified during the VM creation. For Windows machines, use the or2console CLI command specifying an SSH key:

or2console -p project -r region -i instance_id -k key

Please note that with Windows insatnces, the key must always be of 2048 size. The key is required only for the log in operation, not for VM run.

When this command is executed, you will receive an email containing an encrypted password. Decrypt the password as follows:

or2-decrypt-password -p private-key-file-path -e encrypted-password-file-path

Use the decrypted password to log in to your Windows VM under user name Administrator.

Getting Access to Google Management Console

You can start using Google Cloud services even without running virtual machines. Just request access to the Google Management Console. For that purpose, you can use either the Google Console button on the Cloud Dashboard, or the or2-google-management-console (or2goomc) command, which has the similar effect. This command requires no mandatory parameters:


When the button is pressed or the command is executed, you will receive an email containing the URL to access the Google Management Console and your temporary credentials.

To use wizard or the or2goomc command, you need to have Admin permissions, or a special permission for this operation, granted by your Project Manager or Project Coordinator. This permission is required at least for one of the projects activated in Google Cloud to which you are assigned.

Working with Google via EPAM Orchestrator, you get the EPAM_AdminUser's access. This role is equal to the Google Editor's role. Find more information on Google Cloud roles on the Google Cloud page.

There is a limited number of temporary Google accounts, available within EPAM Cloud. In case there are no free accounts left at the moment when you request the access, you will get the respective notification. In case you need constant access to the Google Cloud Console, please, request creating an IAM user.

Access to the console is provided for all projects activated in Google Cloud to which you are assigned. When you access the Google Cloud Platform dashboard, you can select the project under which you will be working.

Google Cloud Pricing

You can estimate your virtual infrastructure cost in Google Cloud using the online Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator. EPAM Cloud will provide the bill for Google Cloud usage ?as is?, with no modifications.

For projects hosting their infrastructures in Google Cloud, the following billing specifics should be considered:

  • Google Cloud billing supports no cost distribution by region, therefore, all project costs will be billed to one of the regions specified as default
  • Billing for individual resources is not supported, however, the costs are broken down by resource type
  • Reports of the "resource" and "hourly" types are not supported. Reports of the "total" and "subtotal" types are supported in full.
  • The total resource billing data is available in the resource report requested for the whole project without specifying the region. The Google Cloud resource figure will be shown in a separate line marked "Total"
  • Google Cloud billing data is provided with a 2-day delay. For example, a report for the current month will include all data up to 2 days ago.

Allowed Infrastructure Operations

Currently, the following infrastructure management perations are available on GCP via EPAM Orchestrator:

Command Action Note
or2run Create a VM For Linux, an SSH key is mandatory. For Windows, SSH keys are not supported, adding a key will return an error
Start a VM
Stop a VM
Terminate a VM
Lock instance from termination
Create and attach volume
Attach volume
Detach volume
Delete volume
Describe volumes
or2rmstack Run Maestro stack



Manage services (log aggregation, monitoring, chef)
Start collecting logs from the instance
Stop collecting logs from the instance
Start monitoring the instance
Stop monitoring the instance
Set a chef mode
The commands for Ansible service management
create an image
delete an image
Allocate a static IP to the project
Associate a static IP with the given VM
Disassociate a static IP from the given VM
Release a static IP from the project

In addition, you can use describing, reporting, files and access management commands.

You can find the full list of commands available to you on your poject in the specified Google Cloud Platform region, by calling the or2help command:

or2help -p project -r gcp-region


As the integration with the Google Cloud Platform is under constant development, there is a set of additional security restrictions applied to the GCP-hosted resources.

We keep on developing EPAM Orchestrator integration with the Google Cloud Platform. With each release, new features and tools are supported. Keep track of the announcements!