• Docker Service: New UI Based on Swarmpit

Docker Service: New UI Based on Swarmpit

Now we provide our customers with opportunity to control their Docker Swarm cluster using Swarmpit UI in an easy and user-friendly manner. It allows to manage your stacks, services, secrets, volumes, networks, etc. Once you have linked your Docker Hub account or custom registry, private repositories may be deployed on Swarm. Swarmpit UI console can be securely shared with all team members.

According to official Swarmpit UI page, the key features are:

  • Stack management. You can easily compose new stack in manual mode or let Swarmpit create one from application state.
  • Resource monitoring. Information about use of hardware (CPU, memory, disk) in real time mode is presented.
  • Service management. Services can be deployed and managed via UI.
  • Shared access. Multiple users are allowed to manage Docker Swarm cluster in a safe manner.
  • Private registry. Private repositories or custom registries can be pulled from Docker Hub. .

To use Swarmpit UI console, invoke or2-docker-service (or2ds) command and specify the following parameters:

or2dser -p epm-abcd -r epam-by2 -s docker

The response will provide you with details about URL to access Swarmpit, user name and password:

Once following the URL, you will get to the Swarmpit UI: