All Google Regions Available via EPAM Cloud

For a long time, EPAM Cloud users could access a limited number of Google Cloud regions. The selection was based on the regions popularity and geography.

Since March 2019 EPAM Cloud supports the whole set of Google regions. So, the current mapping of the supported regions and their EPAM Cloud aliases is given below:

Google Region Location EPAM Cloud Alias Comment
asia-east1 Changhua County, Taiwan GCP-AS-EAST +
asia-east2 Hong Cong GCP-ASEAST2 New
asia-norhteast1 Tokyo, Japan GCP-AS-NORTHEAST +
asia-south1 Mumbai, India GCP-ASSOUTH New
asia-southeast1 Jurong West, Singapore DCP-AS-SOUTHEAST +
australia-southeast1 Sydney, Australia GCP-AUSOUTH New
europe-north1 Hamina, Finland GCP-EUNORTH New
europe-west1 St. Ghislain, Belgium GCP-EUWEST +
europe-west2 London, England, UK GCP-EUWEST2 New
europe-west3 Frankfurt, Germany GCP-EUWEST3 New
europe-west4 Eemshaven, Netherlands GCP-EUWEST4 New
europe-west6 Zürich, Switzerland GCP-EUWEST6 New
northamerica-northeast1 Montréal, Québec, Canada GCP-NANORTHEAST New
southamerica-east1 São Paulo, Brazil GCP-SAEAST New
us-central1 Council Bluffs, Iowa GCP-USCENTRAL +
us-east1 Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA GCP-USEAST +
us-east4 Ashburn, Northern Virginia, USA GCP-USEAST4 New
us-west1 The Dalles, Oregon,USA GCP-USWEST +
us-west2 Los Angeles, California, USA GGCP-USWEST2 +

All the regions are available for selection on project activation (either with self-service approach or via a Support Request). In case your project is already activated in Google Cloud, but it is necessary to add a new region, a member of the Advanced Management Group can do it with the Activate Region option of the Manage Cloud wizard.