EPAM-HU2 is introduced to replace EPAM-HU1

A new OpenStack region - EPAM-HU2 was introduced on February 1.

The basic characteristics of the region are as follows:

  • Based on OpenStack Rocky
  • Shapes up to 8XL (16CPU, 92GB RAM)
  • SSD disks are used
  • Recycle bin feature is supported (you can restore a terminated virtual machine within 7 days after termination)

Meanwhile, gradual migration of EPAM-HU1 capacities to the new region begins. To assist you with this migration, we will automatically activate all projects from EPAM-HU1 in EPAM-HU2. Therefore, you will be able to continue creating virtual machines according to your project needs, without any additional effort.

The resources in EPAM-HU1 are not affected on the current stage, but we recommend to start considering the migration of long-term instances to EPAM-HU2 and other regions, as in a while, EPAM-HU1 will be completely decommissioned (after a respective notification).

For those who will completely migrate their resources from EPAM-HU1 by February 28 without assistance from the Cloud Support team, the costs for virtual infrastructure in EPAM-HU1 in February will be set to 0. By complete migration we mean that no virtual resources remain in the EPAM-HU1 region.