AWS Quicksight: Detailed Costs Monitoring

The massive transformation of AWS billing processing started with the previous EPAM orchestrator update, when we followed the recommended best practices and integrated the new Cost and Usage Reports and started processing them with AWS Athena.

Introducing Athena, in its turn, allowed us to implement another important integration.

Thus, we are glad to announce that AWS Quicksight service is now available for account managers who are responsible for one or multiple accounts in AWS.

The service allows deep-dive access to billing data of your accounts. EPAM Cloud Support team has prepared a standard dashboard that will allow you to quickly find answers to the most important and frequently arising questions.

The service is activated by request to the Cloud Support Team, and does not imply any additional costs for your accounts.

Once your QuickSight access request is processed and fulfilled, you will get an email invitation and the link to the dashboard.

On first access, you will need to register by providing your user name and password (not the one you use in EPAM).

The default Dashboard includes 4 tabs, each consisting of a set of visuals providing a specific scope of billing data and related tips and links.

The following tabs are available:

  • Current month - providing the information on current month costs, based on Account, Region, and Service Type.
  • Trends - providing the information on costs changes throughout the time. Allows to focus on specific accounts and services, with details zooming from year down to hours level.
  • Insight for EC2 - providing the details on EC2 service usage, analyzing most expensive resources, used instance types and purchase options.
  • Insight for RDS/S3 - providing the details on storage services usage

To make the solution work even more effectively, in September, AWS Enterprise support team will deliver a webinar, focused on the QuickSight service usage and capabilities. Keep track of the announcements!