AWS Enterprise Support Made Easy

Amazon Web Services is one of the cloud computing giants offering not only virtual resources as such but also a range of other services. The list of AWS products takes up a whole screen in small font and includes tools for all sorts of applications, from database management to AI and game development.

Naturally, with such universal scope, AWS is very popular with EPAM development teams, and recently EPAM Systems subscribed to the AWS Enterprise Support plan, the highest level of support offered by Amazon, to ensure top quality support for projects working in AWS.

EPAM Cloud as a hybrid cloud supports integration with AWS via its native tools and in many ways acts as contact point between EPAM and AWS. With the company subscription to AWS Enterprise Support, EPAM Cloud implemented the mechanism of quick and easy request submission directly to AWS via native EPAM Cloud tools. In other words, you do not need to log in to any other console or portal, everything is right there on the Cloud Management Console.

In this article we have gathered the most important things related to AWS Enterprise Support.


  • - 24/7/365 customer service
  • - Unlimited number of users
  • - Response time for critical issues up to 15 minutes
  • - Third-party software support
  • - Direct access to Technical Account Manager
  • - AWS Trusted Advisor
  • - AWS Concierge
  • - Well-Architected Review
  • - ...and much more


  • - All projects working in AWS under the EPAM root account
  • - All individual users working in such projects (no special permission required)


  • - Open the Cloud Management Console and click Requests for Support
  • - Select the AWS Enterprise Support option
  • - Select the project for which you wish to send a request, the AWS service to which the request relates, the request category and severity

Note that setting the severity level to Critical will trigger the special response procedure, and you will be contacted within 15 minutes to ensure expedite issue resolution. Critical issues generally involve massive environment failure or risk of extreme financial loss. Please consider these criteria when choosing the issue severity level.

The number of cases you can create with AWS Enterprise Support is unlimited, so do create a case for each issue you run into. Moreover, AWS Enterprise Support can counsel you on general matters related to a certain service. The list of categories for each service includes the General Guidance option. Choose it to obtain expert recommendations and other information. And, the last but not the least, try the General Info and Getting Started option to receive introduction to AWS and its basic concepts and principles

For more information and recommendations on using AWS Enterprise Support, contact the Cloud Consulting Team.