18 Jul

Chef Cookbooks - Getting the Details

Auto-configuration is one of the core services used in EPAM Orchestrator. Essentially, auto-configuration is about automatic installation and configuration of various software packages with no need for the user to set up anything manually and dig deep into the specific requirements of this or that software.

10 Jul

AWS Well-Architected Review

Within the scope of AWS Enterprise Support which we have discussed before, AWS offers the so-called Well-Architected Reviews. As the name suggests, this review is intended to verify that your AWS infrastructure can be described as a Well-Architected Framework.

29 Jun

AWS Enterprise Support Made Easy

Amazon Web Services is one of the cloud computing giants offering not only virtual resources as such but also a range of other services. The list of AWS products takes up a whole screen in small font and includes tools for all sorts of applications, from database management to AI and game development.

21 Jun

AWS Spot Instances: Best Practices

AWS spot instances are another method of cloud computing provisioning in AWS, besides on-demand instances and reserved instances. The common notion of spot instances is that they are cheap and they are tricky... sometimes too tricky for the cost to be of any importance.

11 Jun

SSDs in EPAM Cloud - They Exist!

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of SSD drives? Light? Thin? Quiet? In the material world, this is important and may be a decisive factor in choosing a laptop, for example. But in cloud computing, do you really consider the weight of the device? Does it matter how much noise a cloud server makes?

31 May

Python SDK: Why Give a Fish When We Can Give a Fishing Rod

Recently we wrote about the method of using Packer with EPAM Cloud developed by our colleagues from St. Petersburg. They created a plugin using Orchestrator API methods to automate custom image creation. A small request quickly grew into a side project which the rest of EPAM may appreciate. But let's start from the beginning.

19 May

Five Myths about EPAM Cloud

In Cloud Consulting, we are in constant contact with Cloud users, and information is exchanged both ways. We are always trying to provide clear, complete and up-to-date data about EPAM Cloud, both via our documentation and in direct communication with our users. At the same time, we learn a lot from the EPAM Community, as well - many Cloud services, features and improvements have evolved from the feedback received from the colleagues actually using the Cloud.

10 May

Continuous Education for Continuous Delivery

It's funny how we hate learning when we are kids and how we are desperately looking for learning opportunities when we grow up. We are willing to invest our own time and money hoping to become more skillful, professional and competitive. At the same time, these investments are very likely to bring high return, so we are always on the lookout for useful, focused and effective education.

27 Apr

Direct AWS EC2 Usage Monitoring

EPAM Orchestrator provides basic monitoring for the instances run in private and public regions. Below, you can find the details on the advanced AWS usage monitoring, namely, on how to set up AWS EC2 usage monitoring with the QuickSight service.

10 Apr

Using Packer in EPAM Cloud

In software development, saving time and effort is very often as critical as producing clean code and ensuring consistent performance. For that reason, tools and methods allowing to reduce time and man-hours required for any configuration or setup work are in the focus of close attention of many development companies. Automation has grown into a separate layer of technology with lots of various tools, products and methods helping you spend less time on environment configuration and allowing developers to get started immediately.

24 Mar

Security and Access Management in Serverless Architecture: Best Practices

As we announced, EPAM Orchestrator is now spinning off its open source version, Maestro 3. The beauty of the new Orchestrator is not only in the ability to customize your application by adding only the required features, but also in the code contribution possibilities. Yes, if you think that your Orchestrator should have a feature which the out-of-the-box solution lacks, you just write the code and add it to the application.

24 Mar

EPAM Cloud Deployment Framework: Your Code, Your Rules

It's been a while since we announced that EPAM Orchestrator goes open-source. The enterprise solution that has become an integral component of software development in our company is getting to the new level. Maestro 3 (this is how the open-source solution is called) is a real construction set that allows you to have your own version of EPAM Cloud Orchestrator, containing only the elements you need.

15 Mar

Your Engineering Excellency

With hundreds of projects in dozens of industries, EPAM Systems can boast expertise and excellence in lots of different technologies. E-commerce, Big Data, content management, digital asset management - these are but a few areas where EPAM can be trusted to deliver a unique and reliable solution.