28 Dec

Who You Gonna Call? - Consulting!

I wrote this post two times. This is the second version. The first one was a solid account of what Cloud Consulting have been doing in 2016. It had lots of figures, numbers and stats, and at one point I was even thinking of adding a diagram. Well, it was a summary report, and what's a report without numbers?

23 Dec

When Cloud Can Become Your Platform

If you work on a commercial product, in nine cases out of ten you use a development platform. It is easier, it is faster and the result is guaranteed. Obviously, before using the platform you have to have it deployed. Of course, you can do it yourself but in this case you will have to answer some questions first:

15 Dec

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Gained

Best Practices of AWS Usage with EPAM Cloud.

5 Nov

Orchestrator Goes Open-Source

EPAM Cloud Orchestrator was created in 2012 as a cloud solution for the EPAM Systems community. It appeared when the issue of redesigning the growing infrastructure of more than 500 projects became critical. After a thorough analysis of the existing solutions, EPAM experts had to admit that none of them fit the company needs.

1 Nov

FTP to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a native Amazon service providing scalable cloud storage. Amazon S3 is well-known to the EPAM community as the service to be used for big data storage, transfer and distribution, archiving, backup and many other applications. However, using S3 by native AWS tools requires an Amazon account which may sometimes present a security risk, when the credentials are shared with all project members.

5 Oct

Security in Amazon. Part 1

Today, nobody ever questions the importance of security in IT. On the contrary, security measures applied by companies, service providers and users get more and more complicated with each passing day. And this is not without reason, as, unfortunately, the hacking methods are also advancing with speeds which sometimes seem scary. Never a month goes by without news about a large-scale hack with massive data, identity or money theft.

13 Sep

Splunk as s Service - How We Took a Good Thing and Made It Better

Every project larger than a couple of servers requires support. And, naturally, support requires monitoring to be able to promptly respond to any requests or complaints. An important component of monitoring is log collection - gathering data from various resources and applications making up your system with the ability to search and analyze it later.

2 Aug

Maestro API: Reporting Without Mediators

EPAM Cloud is rapidly developing, and it includes not only new features and tools, but also the development of API which enables direct interaction with Orchestration. As API is developing rather rapidly, documentation cannot keep up with all the changes. However, we believe that there are cases when a clear peace of code can be more explanatory than pages of text. We are going to prove it with a simple example of a code aimed to retrieve billing reports.

2 Jun

Containerization - Let's Think Outside of the Box

Nowadays, software developers rarely start their projects from scratch - the project specifics usually suggest the tools and platforms which can be used to make the process more convenient and efficient. In the abundance of development facilities currently on the market, you are sure to find the one which suits your purposes perfectly, if you know where to look.

29 Apr

Hybris as a Service - Your Turnkey Solution

E-commerce solutions make a significant part of EPAM customer products. EPAM e-commerce products are implemented in a number of brands, from global heavyweights to smaller local companies. No two customers are the same, they all have different flows, strategies and approaches, but that only makes it more challenging.

22 Mar

AWS Multi-Factor Authentication: Quick Set Up

EPAM Cloud supports three ways to get access to Amazon Web Services facilities: Maestro CLI tools, temporary AWS Console access, and, in case permanent and/or advanced access is necessary - access via IAM user. The first two options, in terms of security, are of low risk, as the scope of allowed operations is limited by EPAM Orchestration, or the access is temporaty and limited.

10 Jan

EPAM Cloud Regions: Which to Choose?

EPAM Cloud is a service widely used by EPAM project teams for hosting their virtual infrastructures. Among the reasons of its popularity and community growths is the wide spectrum of technologies, tools and solutions, allowing to select the most comfortable and effective approaches that would meet the needs of each specific case.