28 Dec

Who You Gonna Call? - Consulting!

By Ganna Shargorodska

23 Dec

When Cloud Can Become Your Platform

By Ganna Shargorodska and Stanislav Polchanikov

15 Dec

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Gained

By Svitlana Ostnek

5 Nov

Orchestrator Goes Open-Source

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1 Nov

FTP to Amazon S3

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5 Oct

Security in Amazon. Part 1

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2 Aug

Maestro API: Reporting Without Mediators

by Svitlana Ostnek

2 Jun

Containerization - Let's Think Outside of the Box

By Ganna Shargorodska, Roman Rastiehaiev

29 Apr

Hybris as a Service - Your Turnkey Solution

by Ganna Shargorodska

10 Jan

EPAM Cloud Regions: Which to Choose?

By Svitlana Ostnek, Artem Rozumenko, Maksym Zinkevych