13 Aug

CLI is Bad... or is it?

There seems to be an everlasting opposition between CLI supporters and opponents. In this article, we collected the most common arguments to support both sides.

25 Jul

AWS ELB: Cutting Instances from Load Balancer

I've recently stumbled upon a small yet unpleasant scaling-related issue - when I stop a host it keeps on accepting requests for about 30-35 seconds. Naturally these requests can't be processed. That is why an idea crossed my mind to cut instances from load balancer before stopping a web server.

19 Jul

Auto Scaling in Amazon Web Services: EC2 + CloudWatch

Auto scaling configuration based on Amazon EC2 is a particularly cunning task I once solved and have been using the solution ever since. No doubt, there can be a pack of options, but I will only cover the simplest one: horizontal scaling of a single server under a single balancer.

5 Jul

Simple Infrastructure With Only 3 Commands

Last time I worked with Amazon was during research and investigation procedure to complete the vision for beginners. That was some time ago, more than 6 months. Now I decided to use and expand this knowledge and route it to Amazon CLI tools.

5 Jul

AWS Cloud Watch: Custom Metrics

Today we will talk about custom metrics in CloudWatch of Amazon Web Services. Custom metrics are needed when there is no possibility to check the parameters within the CloudWatch standard metrics. We can do more with custom metrics, for example check connections number between modules, I/O operations on the NFS or Load Average. Basically, I will tell you how to get Load Average metrics shown in your CloudWatch interface.

14 Jun

History and Vision of Nimbula Director

I decided to write about Nimbula, because it is practically the only Virtual Hosting provider that I closely worked with. As I was testing a solution that is based on Nimbula while working in EPAM, I currently have some thoughts to share about it. So, let's start with the overview of what it is.

16 Mar

Making Migration to Cloud Comfortable for Customers

First of all let us answer a simple question: Why do customers migrate to Cloud? On the one hand, the answer to this question is quite complex, but on the other hand, the main benefits are pretty obvious.

8 Feb

Exploring the Cloud. Part Two.

Continuing my previous post here, we start by selecting a Windows AMI to run our instance. Second page of the wizard is an overview of instance settings and you don't really need to change anything here, just check out the information and proceed to the next step.

8 Feb

Exploring the Cloud. Part One.

I've heard a lot about Cloud services. Things like infinite capacity, flexibility, unlimited system and data resources. Those stand for "professional" clouds, the ones used by businesses and companies around the world. When it comes to private Cloud services, we hear that all of our pictures, videos and music can be reached from anywhere, from any device that has internet access. This sounds cool, doesn't it?