List templates

On this step, you can describe the structure to be running with a few clicks. First, you need to choose the owner.Having done this, you will be able to see other filters.

Owner - This parameter allows you to choose between the templates uploaded by you and the templates uploaded by other project members.

Template status - Allows to select the status of the template you want to describe. By default, Any status is chosen.

Template name - You can select the template from the list of those uploaded by other project members.

Please note:

You can choose only the templates available for the selected project.

Having chosen the template name, you will see the template description specified during the template uploading via Maestro CLI. Below, the information on the template status, the region name, the owner of the template, last action with the template and the last update date are given.

Below, you can click on the template content and the last execution logs to expand these sections.

Having checked the whole infromation, you can either:

  • - Download logs;
  • - Download the template to perform some actions with it;
  • - Edit the template.