Run Instance

On this step, you can specify the main settings for the Run command. If you don't change anything, the default values will be used.

Core Parameters: the main parameters used for the Run Instance action.

Count: specifies the default number of the instances to run and sets up count limitations.

Stop After: sets the time period (in hours) after which the running instance will be automatically stopped.

Press the Add Command button to add an additional command to the stack template.

By default, the allowed values are taken from libraries and depend on the project and region that the user will select in the Run wizard. If you want to specify custom allowed values, input them, separating with comas.

To specify the Default value to be used during the stack running,add it to the defaultValue column.

For more details on instance running, please see our Maestro CLI Reference Guide, Section "3. Working with Instances", and, particularly, "3.3. Running Instances"