The Context section is used to set up timeouts and checktimes for primary commands.

The timeout is a period of time (in minutes) within which the command should succeed. If it doesn't the stack execution fails.

The checktime is the periodicity (in minutes) of checks.

The Main Context Configuration settings are used to set checktime and timeouts for additional commands and to primary commands, if they don't have explicit settings.

Timeout and Checktime are set for each command separately. The number of items on the step page depends on the number of primary commands added to your stack flow:

In a Stack Template .json file, the Main Context Configuration settings will be placed to the Context block at the beginning of the template. The Timeout and Checktime for specific commands will be set to the Wait command following the respective Primary command.

For more details, please, see our Maestro Stacks Guide, Sections "2.1.1. The Context block" and "2.2. Wait Command"