Manage Schedules

Infrastructure Scheduling Service (CRON) - EPAM Orchestrator allows scheduling instances manipulation so that their state is automatically changed when needed, allowing to optimize the infrastructure load and costs.

In this wizard, you can perform the following actions within CRON service in a few clicks:

Describe schedules - Get the list of the schedules existing on your project.

Create a new schedule - Set up a new schedule for existing project resources.

Manage schedule instances - Here, you can add and remove instances from existing schedules.

Remove a schedule - You can use this action to permanently remove schedules that are no longer needed.

All specified schedules are executed in UTC+0 time zone, so please take it into account when planning the schedules, and estimating the existing schedules impact.

In case an isntance is not affected by the schedule, as planned, you will get the respective notification.