Create a new Schedule

On this page, you can set up a new schedule with a few clicks. You just need to specify schedule project, zone and name, when to execute the schedule and which instances to affect.

Choose project and Choose zone - Select the target project and the region in which the schedule should be created.

Schedule name - This parameter specifies which name will be used to control the created schedule. It must contain only alphanumeric symbols, underscore or hyphen. It has to be unique within one project

Schedule description - You can set the schedule description that will help in identifying the schedule purpose.

Schedule action - Select the action to be performed by the schedule. Can be Start or Stop.

When to execute - This field allows you to choose one of generic execution patterns or specify your own by entering a cron expression.

At time - Here, you specify the time (UTC) at which the schedule will be executed.

Affected instances - In this table, you can choose one or more instances to be affected by the schedule. Please note that you can add only instances available in selected project and zone.