Run Wizard

The Run wizard is used to run new instances and execute Maestro and Cloud Formation stacks available for your project. The wizard is available for the users with Admin role.

Please note that the Run wizard is designed only for executing the existing stacks. Stacks managements (creation, duplicating, removing) is performed with the Stack Builder wizard.

In this section, you can find the detailed descriptions and explanations for the wizard steps.

  • Select Project and Template Type

    At this step, you select the project in which you need to run a stack, the region in which the stack should be run, and the scope of stacks to be seen in the list:

    My Templates - you will see only the stacks created by you and the Run stack
    Only Maestro Stack - you will see only Maestro Stacks and the Run stack
    Only Cloud Formation - you will see only AWS CloudFormation stacks.
    Only Terraform - you will see only Terraform stacks.

  • Select Template

    At this step, you select one of the templates available for execution in the selected project/region.

    Select the Run instance template to run a new instance in Cloud.

    Select any other template to use a previously uploaded stack template. This can result into creation of a number of new resources or other changes in your infrastructure.

  • Template Parameters

    Here, you set up the parameters that will be used at the stack run. The combination of parameters to set up depends on the specifics of the selected stack flow.

    Please note (especially if you use the default Run stack) that to run a Linux instance on AWS, you need to specify the SSH authorization key.

    The set of parameters depends on the template you selected before.

    Please note that some combinations of parameters are unacceptable (for example, Windows instances cannot be run on SMALL shapes). If you specify an incorrect parameter value, you will get a respective message when trying to move to the next step.

  • Confirm

    On Confirmation step, you can see the list of the commands that will be executed by the selected stack. You can review them and get to the previous step, if you need to change something.

    You can also find the estimated price of the resources to be created in the bottom part of the page:

    Average - the average monthly price for the VM of a specified configuration.
    100% load - the approximate price of a VM running 24/7.
    30% load - the approximate price of a VM running during standard working hours.

    The estimations are based on the assumption that 100% of the system storage is used. Additional volumes usage is not taken into account

    Please note that storage usage can significantly influence the actual price of your resources.

  • Result

    On this step, you can see the details on the selected stack execution.

    Click Close to exit the wizard.