Requests for Support Wizard

Using this wizard, you can request assistance from EPAM Cloud support teams.
By selecting the incident group from the list, you will get to incident type selection step, which will redirect you to the proper ESP support request.

In case you have an incident with AWS which is not related to integration with EPAM Cloud or other EPAM applications and services, you can use the the AWS Enterprise Support option which will register your case on AWS Support side.

  • Select Incident Type

    On the Incidents step, choose the type of the incident you want to address to the Support team and click Redirect to support. In the new window, the EPAM Support Portal page with the respective incident type will be opened. Fill in all the fields, and submit the request. It will be processed within the SLA, standard for the selected incident type.

  • AWS Enterprise Support

    On the AWS Enterprise Support step, you can create a request that will be registered in AWS Support system. To complete the request, please, provide the following information:

    Project - The project to which your incident is related.
    Service - The AWS service you have an incident with.
    Category - The issued category within the service.
    Severity - The urgency and impact of the incident.
    Subject - The subject of the request.
    Description - The details of the request.

    When all the information is provided, click the "Send request" button.
    You will get an email notification on the request submission.