Manage Services Wizard

EPAM Orchestrator supports a number of platform services. The most important and frequently used services can be managed via the Manage Services Wizard.

The Manage Services Wizard can be found on the Cloud Management Console page and allows configuring the Auto-Configuration Service, Cloud Monitoring Service, Load Balancer Service and Log Aggregation Service.

  • Select Service

    The window allows selecting the service to be managed or review the services that are already activated. The following options are available:

    Auto Configuration Service - Review and manage the Auto Configuration Service
    Cloud Monitoring Service - Review and manage the Monitoring Service
    Load Balancer Service - Review and manage the Load Balancer Service
    Log Aggregation Service - Review and manage the Log Aggregation Service
    Browse activated services - See the list of the services ativated in each region, and find the details on them.

  • Services Detailed Info

    The step allows to review the detailed information on each service that is currently activated in the selected project/region.

    The Key column lists the service parameter name.
    The Value column gives the value for each parameter.

    The set of parameters may vary depending on the selected service.

  • Select Action

    This window allows choosing the action to be performed in respect of the selected service.

    The list of available actions depends on the selected service and on the current service status.

    If the service has not been activated, the Activate service action will be available.

    If the service has been activated, the Deactivate service action will be available, while Activate service will be hidden.

    By default, the Auto Configuration service is activated, while all other services are inactive.

    The action is shown for all services, however, it is disabled for inactive services.

    Other actions are service-specific.

  • Activated Services

    The step allows to review the services currently activated in the selected project/region, and to access the services UIs where possible.

    Choose Project - select the project to review
    Choose Zone - select the virtualization region to review
    Show Only - Select the type of the services to be reviewed (use ALL to see all services)

    In the Activated Services table, you can see the details on the services of the specific type that are activated in the selected project and region:

    Instance ID - Instance ID of the service server
    Service ID - The ID of the service
    Service Name - The name of the service
    State - The current state of the service
    Link - The link to the service UI, if available
    To see more details on a specific service, select it by clicking the respective checkbox, and click the Show details button.

  • Activate Service

    The Activate service window requests an additional confirmation of the selected service activation.

    For services requiring an SSH key for activation and further usage, this window offers the possibility of selecting the SSH key to be used with the service.

  • Deactivate Service

    The Deactivate service window contains the summary data of the service to be deactivated - the name of the service and the project and region in which the service will be deactivated.

    This window also reminds the user that the service deactivation is an irreversible process and request the user to confirm deactivation. The following message is displayed:

    The process of deactivation is irreversible. All service resources will be deleted. To confirm deactivation click 'Deactivate' button.

  • Describe Service

    This page describes the current state of the selected service in the selected project and region.

    The content of the window depends on the service, as different services have different properties.

    For the Log Aggregation Service and Load Balancer Service, the window also allows disconnecting individual issues by clicking the corresponding checkboxes.

  • Add Instance

    This page allows adding an instance to the selected service.

    The instance ID is to be selected from the drop-down list containing IDs of all instances existing in the current project and region.

    For certain services, such as Load Balancer Service, additional settings can be defined.

  • Results

    The 'Results' window confirms the successful completion of the performed action.

    The window also contains the CLI equivalent field showing the Maestro CLI command performing the similar action.