Manage Keys Wizard

SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol providing secure connection over an insecure network. Authentication using SSH keys is widely used for remote login.

EPAM Cloud supports SSH key management, storage and usage in accessing its services.

Manage Keys Wizard is accessible from the Cloud Management Console. The available functions depend on the user permissions.

  • Select a Management Action

    At this step, you can select the SSH key management action to be performed:

    Describe keys - List the existing SSH keys

    Create key - Generate a new keypair

    Import key - Import a key from another region

    Delete keys - Delete the selected keys

    Next, select the project and region in which you wish to perform the key action.

  • Available Keys

    This window displays the list of all SSH keys existing in the specified project and region.

    The following key data is displayed:

    Name - Key name

    Owner Name - Name of the user who created the key

  • Create Key

    At this stage, specify the parameters of the SSH key to be created:

    Key Name - The name under which your key will be stored.

    Key size (Optional) - Key size in bits. The default key size is 4096 bit, and the minimum is 2048. If a value lower than 2048 is entered, a 2048-bit key will be created).

  • Private Key

    When a key is generated, its public part is stored by the Orchestrator. The private part should be stored locally.

    Copy the private key from the window and store it as a .pem file.

  • Key to Import

    This window allows importing SSH keys generated through EPAM Orchestrator to another region. Specify the parameters of the key to be imported into the project and region selected at the previous stage:

    Key Name - Name of the key to be imported

    From zone - Zone from which the key is to be imported

  • Result

    In this window, you can see the confirmation of key import to the specified region.

  • Keys to Delete

    This window displays all available keys for the selected project and region together with their owners' names.

    Check the checkbox in the Delete column to delete one or several keys.

  • Result

    In this window, you can see the confirmation of the specified key(s) deletion.

  • Confirm Key Deletion

    At this stage, you can confirm deletion of the selected key.

    The window shows the parameters of the key to be deleted: the project and zone in which the key will be deleted and the name of the key to be deleted

    Click Delete to finish key deletion.