Manage Resource Quota

On this page, you can request the change of resource quotas (the amount of resources that can be created by your project during 24 hours):

1. Select Project for which resource quotas should be updated

2. Select Region where the quota should be updated

3. Select the Type of the Quota to be changed. This can be:

- Instance Quota - The number of instanes that can be run
- Volume Quota - The number of volumes that can be created and their size
- Checkpoint Quota - The number of checkpoints that can be created

4. Specify the quota values and add any description if needed.

If you want to change quotas of several types, click "Apply" after specifying each quota value and before switching to another quota type.

When you submit the resource quota change, EPAM Cloud support team gets a notification providing the information on the planned change. If the change is possible, they approve the request, and your project’s quotas get changed. If there are any technical reasons that obstruct the quotas change, the request will be declined. In both cases, Cloud Support teams and the quotas change requestor get an email with the resource quotas change results.