Edit quota notifications

Here, you can set up monthly project quotas limits and actions fot different regions, by taking the following steps:

1. Select Project: Select the project for which quotas are to be set up.

2. Select Region: Region selection field. Select "ALL" to specify quota for the entire project, "EACH" to specify quota for each region of the selected type or choose a particular region to specify quota for that region only.

3. Amount: specify the montlhy quota (in USD) for the project in the selected regions. When several quota levels overlap in the same region, the strictest quota applies.

4. Action Plan: the list of the actions, related to quota usage and depletion. These can be:

- "Stop VMs when 100% quota depleted" (stop all resources in the region)
- "Request approval for new VMs after quota is 100% depleted" (restrict new VMs creation without the Project Coordinator's approval)
- "Deny requesting new VMs when 100% quota depleted" (restrict running new VMs)
- "Disable quota" (allow all actions)

Click "Add new row" to add a new action to the plan, or, to remove one, click the red cross next to the action in the table

5. Notification plan: Specify the quota usage level (in % of the quota sum), at which you will get email notifications.